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Monday, July 05, 2004

Time to grow up

What a day. I went to school and learnt that I should probably keep my comments to myself rather than post them on the internet. I should learn to 'hold my tongue' (not literally). I think I like being back at school it's more fun than daytime TV, there is only so much of 'Richard and Judy' a person can handle!
I went to the dentist (I'm sure you're extatic for me!) and changed the colour of my brace to blue and blue! Unfortunatly I had to go to school afterwards to go to English Lit. I learnt from someone that there will be eight people in our drama class this year (that's quite a lot) this is good as the people I knew who were going to be in it I don't think I could stand being around for too long so I hope the new people are nice! Don't want to write much more as I want to do something else (don't know exactly what yet, but I sure it will be fun!)
I'll write soon!


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