Still believe Me...?

I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It has been a while since my last post so am just checking in to see what had been going on in my life. Since my last post a fair amount has happened si and myself have been on holiday and are planning our next..America this time.  I got a promotion, still in the same job, I think I rather enjoy the responsibility. I don't think there's much more to share. Father is retiring tomorrow,  a sign of us all getting old I suppose.  I should probably consider moving out, maybe at somepoint I will!
right should probably get back to translating a tv programme for the mother as she cannot understand deep devonian drawls.....
I may well write again soon,  over and out x

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

well panto is now over. It was amazing, it has taken me about 3 days to stop buzzing with excitment about it, however I am now bored as I come to realise this is my first tuesday night in about 5 months where I have had nothing to do. I have decided this evening to do something constructive, so I might read my book.
In other news, I am going to have a singing lesson...just one to start with (will see how it goes), to try and stop me needing all of those medical things that I quoted last time I was on here! I have also decided that during my now freeer time, i may try and come up with a life plan rather than being stuck in this job for forever and a day. A life plan and a holiday plan...myself and Si are going 'travelling' (sort of) for two weeks down the east coast of france, and switzerland and Italy - quite amazing!So I may try and look up some hotels which fit in to his ever expanding 'spreadsheet' - some masculine control technical thing which I refuse to be a part of - and maybe a campsite or two (I know, me camping...outrageous!)

Anyway, enough of my rambling. I only wrote to say how amazing Panto was and how I want to do it again next year and would do it forever (not necessarily panto obviously) if I had the bravery (and the talent) to give up everything else...euuugh the real world is utterly boring.

x x

Friday, January 18, 2013

It has been snowing...i hate the snow. I have had to trek around Clevedon all day long visiting people here there and everywhere (for work this is, not for any weird reason).
I realised, by coming on my lappy, that I have not been on here for quite some time. This is partly because my computer died for a short time, we have had christmas, I have been living and breathing pantomime - I have actually been waking up in the morning with songs still going around my brain :s
Pantomime is in fact next week. Im terrified, which is something of an understatement to be honest. But, we still have a few more days of rehearsal to go (hopefully my angelic (hahahaha) singing voice will return by then). At the moment I'm living off a diet of cough medicine, throat sweets, disovable aspirin and iron tablets, hopefully I won't have overdosed before Wednesday (D-day).

well I must get back to doing something constructive, like watching 'one born every minute' or having a nap...both very necessary before my next adventure to Nailsea -a treacherous trip if ever there was!


Friday, November 30, 2012

Just thought would document the fact that it is not yet december however i have bought and wrapped the vast majority of my xmas absulute miracle I must say!
In other news, carrying on from my last message, it is almost december and I am still in what can only be described as 'a relationship'. I have even been bought an advent must be love. Actually, merely the fact of me stating that we have been in 'a relationship' for almost 2 months is quite an achievement. What is it with me and being all romantic all of a sudden, it is highly out of character; I must be tired...
Right, am in my fluffy pyjama bottoms, must be off to bed
Night x

Just so you know, I am not only wearing pyjama bottoms, I dont tend to sit at computers half naked. I would find that weird, as would you......shut up mind.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

So we have had the conversation...the 'are we together' conversation. Well, it was not so much a conversation, more of a text message or very romantic! As he said, if we are not together then the next time we meet will equate to date number 1073; i did not want to enlighten him on the fact that this would not be unusual for me :s
Anyway, so we decided to 'be in a relationship', we contemplated making it public knowledge, you know how people do these days...facebook, twitter, the bbc news website, however I think a blog will suffice for the time being!
In other news it is dark, cold and raining...i am feeling hard done by, I distinctly remember ordering a summer this year.
Well, I must go and watch more of downton abbey, I am halfway through the first series, I may have to purchase the second series despite already having watched it on the television...I've changed. I think all this romance has gone to my head.

Over and out.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday night, end of September, another year going by.
I am now 1/4 of a century old. Time does fly, especially it appears, as you get older. My mother got married at the age of 25 I, on the otherhand, still live at home. But then times change, many people are still living with their parents even when they have probably lived out over a quater of their entire living time. Which, is a sad thought.
Maybe give me another couple of years and I will have eventually grown up a bit! in saying that, it is a friday night and I am looking forward to getting into a nice warm bed at 11pm :s Life doesn't get much more grown up than that!

On a positive note, I may have found a sort of man friend. An actual good one, not a desperate one, a weird one, a one to pass the time with but a real life person who I like being with and whose texts I actually look forward to receiving. This may sound a bit odd but this is a big thing for me!
He also took me out on my birthday the other day, to Bath and we went shopping and had lunch and went to Bath Spa to swim on the roof and boil ourselves to death in the steam room! and he bought me flowers, no-one has ever bought me flowers. It would have been a sad day to reach 25 and to have never been bought flowers...anyway, I digress.
So I have fallen upon a man, not necessarily literally but whoop, go me!

In other news, the weather is pants, I have already got layers on my bed and it is not yet October, my my I greatly dislike global warming. And there has been flooding, mass flooding because the ice caps are melting and the arctic is disolving and the whales don't know if they are coming or going! But I guess this is all part of life. There have been many ice ages before and many droughts and all sorts of things, just in the last million or so years there were no televisions to record this!

Well, after this bizarre blog of not all that captivating information I am going to go to bed and read a book about death...always like a good depressing read before bed, steadies the soul.

Night x

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Monday tomorrow...
I have just been out all day, with a male individual. Was really good. We went to the museum and saw the gorilla and he liked the stuffed birds (very odd) then we had food then we went to his to watch a film...and that was all. Now, I am not sure if 'that being all' is normal, I have no idea. There were plenty of oppurtunities for it to be more than that and yes there was the whole kissing thing but that was all. I'm not saying I am after more than this but I don't know, is that weird???!! Anyway, I am rambling and I don't want to go to work tomorrow and I keep sneezing, can't be good.

So, enough of the rambling, I must do something exciting like looking up the paralympics on the channel 4 website (get me, plugging channel 4, I should get commission...)