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Friday, July 09, 2004

Me, complain? Never!

I am very bored (yet again)! I am also confused. Mainly about a trip to the cinema and aboout my clarinet lesson (which I won't go into!) I don't know when I'm going to the cinema or who I'm going with or what I'm going to see. I want to see Shreck but everyone has seen that now but I am still going to go and see it anyway!
I, also, now have a million weeks to amuse myself until we go back to school in September. I could get a job but I don't know where. I also have an audition to prepare for but I kinda don't want to as I'm too scared to do it. I tried reading it aloud to myself yesterday and I even scared myself! I have to read a zillion books over the holidays too so that will also waste some time. Hopefully I will have finished at least one by the time I get back from the Isle Of White but you can't be too ambishious can you! But I am not and I repeat NOT going to spend the whole of my holiday reading books but what else can I do? I am finding that many of my friends are getting, or have got jobs, or are going on holiday. I think I'm feeling a bit left out (jealous perhaps?). I dunno. Life is a bit perculiar at the mo.
My family has finally lost the plot. My father is running round the house squealing like a girl and my mother is having a childish tantrum about the chair she wants to sit on; 'I'm there' she complained, (so thats where I get my selfishness from!)
It's not that I want to sound moany and unreasonable, it's all true. I do love my family (most of the time) but sometimes I wish I was out of the house (especially on friday nights) having a laugh. It does happen occasionly but it is very rare! In saying that, I did go out last friday night. I went sailing down the Seine! (hehe, it sounds sooo posh) Well it wasn't really sailing more kind of boating in a large boat with millions of people but suprisingly not too many Japanese tourists (not that I'm complaining about them to much but if I had wanted too meet some Japanese tourists I would have gone to Japan! As I told Lynne, 'that is where most of them like to hang out!') Oh well, I only went out then as I was on holidaybut these little outings are not regular occurances. Maybe I could get a hobby. Stamp collecting? No. Not even I would stoop that low. I could try doing some exercise but it rains too much in this country to even imagine going outside and anyway my parents would think of it as some sort of joke. When I told my mother my shoulder hurt the other day she told me it was because of my lack of exercise and I should try and move a bit further than up to my bed and too the fridge. That's parenting for you!
Anyway, I think i have written way too much and I have probably written things that are classed as racist and parentist and I have also complained about my friends! Oh dear. I am now going to go and do something energetic...does turning the television on count? No, seriously...there's not much room to exercise in my bedroom, however I'm sure stepping over all the stuff that's on the floor must count for something!
Well, I'll write soon, with, hopefully no more nasty comments!


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