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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Global Madness

Raining again! Did you see the hail stones this morning (it was quite early so I'll forgive you if you didn't!)? What is it with the weather, has mother nature gone completely mad? I'm guessing it's all down to that disastrous thing called Global Warming! It has been the coldest July for 50 years! And if you compare it to last years...Well, we must now be living in the Antarctic!
I got my photographs of Paris back from the chemist and they are very good, I think. Everyone I have shown so far has liked them!
I have also organised my trip to the cinema, with Lynne and Jenny (see, I can be organised) and we will be seeing Shreck 2. So this is good, however it still leaves me with many weeks of not doing much as this cinema trip will only last a few hours.
Hopefully people will be camping in my garden at the weekend, if the rain holds off otherwise, I've told them, we will be sleeping in the garage (I'm sure my parents will be pleased!)It should be a fun weekend if everyone can make it here maybe I will have to invite extra people incase some people can't come! I will try and make it a bit like Glastonbury, apart from the toilets, and the mud, and the scary people. Ok, so it won't be much like Glastonbury! Never mind!
Lalala... I'm not really sure what to write! I would tell you about my amazing next door neighbours but we don't have any at the mo. Or I could tell you about my friends...not much to tell there then (I'm so mean). Ummm, my secret love don't have any of them either! Oh well.
I'll have to stop writing for today then. Maybe I could go and invent something like... a nose warmer as my nose is very cold, probably because the window's open! Oh dear, I can be blonde sometimes!


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