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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Analysis Of Shreck 2

Hopelessly trying to return to normality after being with Lynne for many hours!
Wow, I haven't written for ages...I think I have lost my rhythm!i.e not knowing what to write!
It has been a long day. I went to the cinema, very much fun. Shreck is very cool although I think they should stay being human at the end as living as an ogre can not be all that good and probably isn't all that happy and they are meant to be living happily ever after. I guess they want the moral of the story to be 'no matter how ugly you are, you still have a chance of finding true love', however it comes across as 'people like you more if you're pretty so if you want to marry an ogre be prepared for people not liking you'?!
What is strange about the film though, is that at the end of Shreck 1 they were all ready to live happily ever after and they went off on their honeymoon with everyone liking them. Yet, when they return home, in Shreck 2 everyone, seems to have forgotten this and they don't like them anymore. Oh well, not all of us can be as intelligent as me!
Mmmm...what to write about now? The book I'm reading? It's very...graphic! I'm sure people, like myself, should not be exposed to this kind behaviour!
It's supposed to be about world war 1 but I haven't read anything about the war so far. I think the English department should read these books before telling us to read them! I am, of course, reading it for English. I would not read books like this because I feel like it although it can be quite amusing!
Well, tomorrow is my clarinet lesson, hopefully. It was cancelled last week, without me knowing! So it had better be on tomorrow otherwise I will...not be happy!
Anyway, I'm going to watch Eastenders now and then print out some more pictures of Paris for my picture board.
I'll write again, probably. Not sure when though!


At 7:57 pm, Blogger Flin said...

i think u have made a speeling mistake again!! ur little spell checking friend xx


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