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Sunday, October 08, 2006

i havn't written anything on here for two weeks so i thought maybe i should!!!
wel, im at uni finally!!!and so far it's been...eventful. quite a lot of stuff has happened in the past two weeks, i won't go into all of it tho, i wouldn't want to bore you!!!i have made a few friends since being here (but obv they do not come close to old friends who still mean a hell of a lot!!!) i laughed, cried, partied, drank and generally had a fantastic time and it feels like i've been here a lot longer than just two weeks!!! There's some weird music playing down my corridor atm...sounds a bit like westlife or similar!!!!very odd, there are some very strange people around!!
i just read ur comment lynne, about weird wednesday...i didn't mean to make you cry, i just had a moment of sentimentality and felt that i needed to write down some of our odd antics!!

eugh, im supposed to be doing some work atm. making notes etc..but so far it's not really happening. I have however done my reading for this week so at least that's a step in the right direction. i need to make notes on this said book and then have to read some stuff for film. eugh working is hard...i hvnt had to think for such a long time!!i miss th freedom of the summer...i often said during the summer that i should make the most of it while i could cos i'l never have such pure freedom again!!and it's so true...sumtimes i wish i had carried out more spontaneous activity but heyho..what can i do about it now. the summer was actually fantastic anyway..i've never had so much fun before ever. all the clubbing, partying, infact reminds me of freshers week!!!
hhmm anyway, i suppose i shalt get back to doing something constructive...i have just had a worrying thought...i have just spent the last ten minutes writing this and it is a fairly long piece of writing...i wil now go and try and write sumtin that im supposed to be writin and it'l take me half an hour to write about half of what i've just writtn now!!!
o well never mind what can one do bout that?!!
shalt speakth soonth..maybe by then i will be over being sentimental and will write something interesting!!!
bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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