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Friday, September 22, 2006

weird wednesday

right, i am once again sat here with nothing more to do than write on this thing!!!
I thought i would write about the events of wednesday night...lynne's final day in the land of bristol before she left for uni.
we (strangely enough) went to Clevedon and sat on a bench..we also sat in the bandstand and took some pics and talked a lot!!!
anyway that's no the main story of the nite...:
we walked to the end of poets walk where there is a big stone thing which u can sit on, to look at the giant woodlice who like to roam there in the dark!!anyhoo...these two odd looking men came along carrying large sticks so we wlkd bak along the path (cos we were slightly concerned with our safety) and sat on a bench nearer the Salthouse (so that we could scream for help if needed!) a few minutes later there was this enourmous bang (vicky screamed...i thought we were under attack) and we looked back towards poets walk and it was the two men setting off fireworks!!!which were actually quite pretty but that's not the point...twas terrifying!!
anyway, the men came back along the path and so we stayed sat on our bench pretending we were not there until they had walked past!!
we then got up and headed back to the car..but the nights events had not finished yet!!!
Someone (Lynne) stupidly decided that we should go to Ladye Bay cos she had never been there (and neither had I) so we drove to a layby right next to the path which takes u down to the bay and parked the car next to another car which was also out at bout 11pm at night...underneath a dimly glowing orange streetlamp and by a load of trees and overgrown bushes.
anyway...we walked down to the overgrown footpath just using lynnes flash on her phone for light...and started walking towards the bay. we almost decided to turn back but we were so almost there that we thought we'd keep going. However, we never reached the bay cos we saw torches coming towards us... and because no normal person would be on that trak at that time of night..we literally turned around and ran away!!!
we were almost back to the car when we stopped running..but then, coming towards us, there was this man dressed in sailor atire (like captain birdseye...but ten times scarier (and captain birdseye is quite scary anyway!) looking like the sailor man on 'i know what you did last summer'. He had long hair big beard and was wearing a sailor hat. He also had on yellow wellies and blue clothes. he smelt of alcohol and was staggering somewhat!!!
it wasn't pleasant!!!
we got back to the car, locked the doors and then got lost coming out of clevedon!!!
but we all got home in one piece (suprisingly)!!!
and that's my story of wednesday night.
sorry for it's length but i thought one day in the future i might read it and remember it and think how odd we used to be!!! and maybe still will be!!!
cos as i found out today..somethings that you want to remember you have to write down cos time goes so quickly and so many things happen that you forget them ..and even with all its oddness this was something i didn't want to forget!!!
speak soon!!!

don't let life run away without you!!


At 8:28 pm, Blogger Flin said...

way to go to make me cry stock! xxx


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