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Thursday, August 31, 2006

i be back again..boredom has set in (no suprise).
there is no one around for me to talk to...everyone is out gallavanting and left me all alony on me owny.
heyho what can one do? I may go and read some more of my book (to kill a mockingbird), which i am actually getting through fairly quickly for me!!!
the lovely parentles are still building the kitchen...which they have been doing for an age it took then two days to fit the sink...ridiculous!!!my father had got his two pipes (like plumbing pipes) and had fixed one to the washing machine and the other to the pipe in the wall unfortunately he hadn't quite measured them correctly so when it came to joining them together they didn't reach each other...very very father was not impressed!!!
anyhoo, the time of year has come again when all gardeny people get together for the LA flower show thingy, which is this saturday (shame im busy). My mother has been out collecting her garden produce etc and writing lists of what she's entering. However, this year i don't think my father has a 'prize winning' marrow...oh dear never mind!!!
ooooooooo i have booked a hall for my birthday party (when i say 'i', i mean the mother has!!!) which is guna be next sunday am very excited will be fabbitty fab!!!hopefully many people will come and there will be much drinking, singing and general merryment...although, i do have to be in work at about 8.45am the following day...not so merry...the poor children!!!!
thankfully, i will be working with my mum and cos she booked the hall it will be entirely her fault when i am not at my fittest of states!!!mmm...may not be so thankful...i may still be drunk or probably hungover...not a great state to be in infront of your mother methinkth not!!!
well i think thats enough of random rambling for today
i shalt be off to read my book (trying to act intelligent cos going to uni in....25 days!!!) and then may go to bed.................................on second thoughts i may not got o bed quite yet as tis only 9.08pm!!!
mmmmm wot to do.............this is ridiculous, i need a hobby!!!
speak soon probably


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