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Saturday, September 09, 2006

just thought i'd write to say that it's my birthday party tomorrow!!!It has come round really really quickly and i can't believe that a year ago i was celebrating my 18th and it was tipping it down with rain and we had a bouncey castle going outside!!!I had great fun tho so hopefully tomorrow will be just as good or even better!!!Even though there will be no bouncey castle!!!
I can't believe i'm going to be 19 feels sooo old (i may look back at this in a few years time and think 'god i wish i could be 19 again!!)
ooo I think I may write a list of things that i want to have done over the next year and where i think i'l be etc...
here it is:
numero uno...
passed my driving test...plz plz plz!!!
passed some exams at uni
met some amazing new people who some (at least one) I have become really good friends with
have remembered to go and see old friends several times
have got round to doing lots of work
known tht ive tried not to get angry at people for no real reason cos there are loads of worse things in the world to get angry about
and of course had a fantastic year with loads of changes but loads of smiles cos why waste ur time being down when really there are so many things to be happy about!!!

anyhoo enough of sentimentality (or whatever) for today!!
I don't think i have anymore to tell
oo only that my nose hurts i had a slight accident with a wall whilst swimming!!
(i kinda by accident didn't really look where i was going and swam right into the wall!!)
this all happened during mine and lynne's day of exercise..which was quite funny apart from that!!ooo we also had another swimming pool incident...Ricky and Chris G were there working and were cleaning out the pool parts in the outdoor pool whilst we were in it..unfortunatly we didnt notice them until we were in and so couldn't really escape without them noticing us!!!so the question we want them to see us in bikinis or do we want to freeze our arses off in the outdoor pool (possibly in minus temps)?!!
so yeh anyhoo, tht really is all!! i have no more to say on any subject for now!!!
i'll continue to write and keep u updated on my lifes events!!
byebye for now!

don't waste time trying to save it....


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