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Sunday, April 02, 2006

i b procrastinating as i told myself i would do my psyc homework today but really cant be bothered rite now..however if it gets much later then i wil be too tired to do any work eugh how annoying!!!
mmm i b cold may have to go for a walk to warm up or i could just do some spontaneous jogging or chair swivelling or something (sounds too much like hard work tho if u ask me).
my parents are going to London tomorrow at some ridiculous hour in the morning so have decided not to go with them i'l go to my grandmas house insted and b fed etc mmm sounds like a better plan!!
ooo the suns coming out i believe its probably warmer outside than in i am inside, tis slightly chilly mmm probs need some food to insulate is lunchtime afterall!!
anyway i have bord everyone enough for today and so i guess its time to wander downstairs towards the fridge
au revoir mon petite amies (eugh my french skills have gone over the small hill and into the field of the non existent..which is sad as i always thought i was ok at french!)


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