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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

mmm the boredom sheep strikes

has the world gone completely mad?mm..i can hear strange music playing in the background, sounds like some scottish celtic thing like something u wud find on a film of Macbeth!! mmm...anyway IM BORED as always but this time im even more bored than usual because i don't believe i have ne homework....hang on...had to turn on light..mmmm where was i?ahh yup strange music..there was a strike today for UNISON many teachers decided they would like to support the strikers and not turn up for school i think they just thought it was a good excuse for a day off in bed..they are tres lazy i had to drag myself out of bed this morning at ridiculous o clock to make my way into school for a lesson i ended up not having was very annoying!!!
o der, its got to that time of year again when my mother starts talking to plants and seeds which have started sprouting in boxes on the windowsill. it is very sad i think she has fallen off her cloud and landed in the world of the mentally unstable, whereas i on the other hand just think shes gone slightly mad..maybe shes reached her mid life crisis...a stage of life my dad has been in for the past 20 or so years..he was singing yesterday (singing?) it was traumatic i believe i am scarred for life it was 11 o clock for gods sake...i was suprised we didn't have neighbours knocking on the door complaining!!! ooo talking of neighbours, if i get into nottingham uni there is a neighbours appreciation society hahaha..just thought id share that with everyone! i am not a great neighbours fan myself but then im sure someone must be!!!mmm...anyway, i haven't written anymore politically correct nursery rhymes, may do one later if the boredom hasn't ceased!!!
well must be off for now as have written a short essay...its getting rid of built up writing energy that has gathered during the day as there were no teachers in school!!! not that im resentful or anything...its only my education im missing out on and my ticket to uni etc etc mmmm....not impressed..
c u soon guys!


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