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Monday, March 20, 2006

oooo to right the worlds wrongs

o dear how many people now know about the whole colin hatred thing? id just like to make it clear to anyone who may have been offended by any rumours etc that i dont necessarily dislike people called colin, i just happen not to particulary like that name and so dont wish to come across many people of that selected name-i am not namist or colinist or anything so please do not sue!!
o dear tis as bad as the whole 'baa baa rainbow sheep' thing!! ooo here is a version of that particular rhyme which surely cant be politically incorrect:
'(insert animal sound here e.g baa baa or moo moo or um...nibble nibble(so as not to offended otha animals who may want to be in the rhyme)) selected rainbow animal
have you any piece of natural material (e.g wool, leather etc)
Yes sir/madam/child/Dr Yes sir/madam/child/Dr
three containers full
one for the perkin#1
one for the perkin#2
and one for the partially younger perkin who lives somewhere on the road/lane/street etc...'

right ok so thats getting a bit silly but really what is the world coming to (back in my day(wibble wobble wibble wobble)...)
well im off to do some eagerly awaited history revision and to talk to a couple of people on the way!!!!
so love you and leave you
auf weidersein (please correct the spelling here-having never done german hoping tis not too bad)xxxxxxxxx


At 10:49 pm, Blogger Flin said...

colinist teeheehee. Love it!! I feel however it may be a lil immature **cough**. am however loving ur pc version of baabaa black sheep; may indeed use it in english next lesson as we r doing representation and political correctness. rite im now off 2 find summit 2 do such as read a book or go to bed... hmmmm. OOo maybe find someone called Tarquin Smythe......


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