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Friday, March 24, 2006

am feeling quite profound this evening and have a need to write something intelligent and possibly slightly obscure!!!
I could write about talking of politics, the budget the other day has increased the price of wine by 4p thats 4P!!! extortionate absolutly ridiculous whereas spirits have remained the same...looks like i'll have to stick to shots etc!!
anyway enough of politics...although there may be a strike at school next week hope there is could be funny altho il stil have a history test as silly history teacher who should know all about strikes and supporting them etc is going to cross the picket line woteva even if she does get booed how boring is she? mmm so wil have to revise!!!
wel enough of boring stuff!!! ooo i may end up going to nottingham for four years (if i get the grades) a whold year in hamburger-a- go-go sounds extremly good fun hehe with all its americanness and diversity and lushness even though the world hates Bush etc etc...that will make it all the more fun!!!
mmm anyway so profound and obscure many fish live in the sea?
ok so thats just weird not how big is the significant are humans on the universe..if we were'nt here would there still be a universe? i think why do i care if we weren't here then noone would be here to know about the universe so to everything that was here it wouldn't exist or be apart of their minds etc so it really doesnt matter...would hate to be a confusing i think i would spend my life with a headache!
well thats enough boredom for everyone for one going to go back to writing politically correct nursery rhymes!!!


At 5:38 pm, Blogger Flin said...

Wooohooo shots all the way!! I am shocked about the price of wine; u can tell Blair and all his mates get theirs imported from France!!!


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