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Monday, October 09, 2006


eugh i need to go and do my washing..but really can't be bothered. unfortunatly i have discovered that no matter how many times i say 'i need to wash my clothes' they are not going to wash themselves...y is that??
o wel i suppose i'l have to go and find the laundry (no i dont no where it is)!!
and then i have to do some reading...omg i also have to phone grandma...oooo so much to do before 3pm and so little time to do it..heyho i suppose that's student life for you!!maybe i should stop wasting my time writing crap on this thing. Who invented blogs anyways??i partly want to slap them for helping me waste so many precious hours of my life..however, if i didn't have a blog what would i do in my moments of boredom??and what would happen to my creativity??it would slowly disappear into oblivion. anyways..must go and wash clothes
speak soon!!!


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