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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

well that was an eventful weekend (what do i expect..i am in the homelands afterall)
went out on friday and didn't drink but it was highly entertaining and much fun and involved dancing and hyperactivity!!! howeevr, i did have the joy of meeting Emma (Dan's ex) which was interesting. 'annoying' is a good word to use when descibing her - and i dont think i am being bias about this as many people feel the same. saturday was good...went to Jeweller's bday thing and actually drank. it was really funny. we played the dreaded game of 'i have never' (hate that game) but it wasn't too bad. Dan was being flirty flirty (after Emma had left) and i think i was all up for sexy time, which was fine and everything. unfortunatly sexytime occured without any baby prevention mechanism (bad bad bad) but it should be ok, im hoping, (i did have crap sex ed at school but that is not the point) yup all shalt be grand.
anyway, sunday came and i went to dans to have repeat sexytime however it was not good and i told him that our 'sexytime' is screwing up my head and therefore should no longer happen. he hadn't thought of this and then spent the whole day telling me that he is an idiot (in my view he is not an idiot but a typical male). in many ways this is all good, i should be glad i will no longer have to think about things in great detail when it comes to me and him as WE ARE OVER. despite this something inside me wishes that we weren't. my mind still needs resolving but at least i can be content in the fact i am not a fuck buddy (thankful for small mercies) but i am not content in the fact that i can't anticipate sexytime anymore.
but now that i have gone through all that lets just hope nothing untoward happens and forces me out of remission.
i believe that is all for now as im meant to be finishing my essay. only 150 words to go....surely it cannot be that hard.


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