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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

omfg....spirits have gone up by 55p...bloody government budgets, how do they suppose students are meant to cope now? student debt is bound to increase, which is ridiculous. people are also saying that we don't shop enough and therefore, we dont spend enough let me ask why the hell do they think that is??? oh maybe because everything is sooooo expensive. seriously i have a good mind to live off crap food (which is cheapest) and cider (which is pos the cheapest alcoholic drink going atm), then i will be carted off to hospital with some vitimin deficiency or diabetes from my mass sugar intake and oh, lo and behold, who will be paying for my treatment...the government. they will then complain there is not enough money going into the NHS and so tax will once again increase and then we will be back to square one.
really the government is rather stupid. they extend drinking hours, complain there are too many binge drinkers and then increase the price of drinks. this will not help the binge drinkers or the economy. the binge drinkers will stop when the drug of alcohol is made illegal (or they will be imprisoned) or drinking hours are dramatically cut. Alcopops should be banned as they are no use to anyone and government budgets should attack cigarettes with more force than 11p. the fewer binge drinkers, the fewer people utilising NHS facilities and the fewer people doing this means that government spending can go towards something more productive such as decreasing the price of essential foods. this way i believe the whole world would be a better place.
Now i just have to solve third world poverty...but this can happen on a day when I don't have other things to do.
thank you


At 11:53 pm, Blogger LP said...

I'm pretty sure we have solved third world poverty before... I just can't quite remember how!! Was probs at like 4am or something daft! x


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