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I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

have just found my mothers diary from 1978...very amusing!!! marking boys on a scale of 1-10, skipping lessons, getting worried about friends random doctors appointments, roadtrips, not getting up until stupid hours of the day...bloody hell am turing into the mother!!!

have watched the Brit Awards this eve. among the winners were Adele, Mika, Take That, Mark Ronson and Paul McCartney - for future reference!!!

that's about it really. have had a rather dull day. went out for lunch with Daniel, which was nice (got me out of the house) umm i actually did some work!! ooo my mother has decided that we must go shopping and being the kind and friendly daughter i am, i have agreed :-D

well yup, that is it for today, getting highly excited about dressing up as Lara Croft on Saturday really can't wait will be abosolutely amazing!!! ive made gun holsters out of cereal boxes and everything!!!


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