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Friday, March 07, 2008

well here i am. all ready to enlighten your little mind with wonderous and intelligent things!!!
............................part of me thinks thatthis is not going to happen anytime soon. unfortunatly i need the toilet and someone has been in the bathroom for about half an hour (i don't think i should have drank my pint of squash so quickly). i'm excessively tired as of late, god knows why, maybe my highly unhealthy diet which is currently consisting of egg...purely because i realised yesterday i have 6 eggs to eat in 24 hours; i am, at present, trying to work out how to boil an egg.
anyway, intelligence...something that is greatly needed (along with a toilet, although not for the same reasons) as it should hopefully inspire me to do some essay work or similar. eugh there really is nothing to talk about. oooo i know, i am not allowed to drink vast quantities of alcohol for the next three months due to potential liver damaging drugs :-s but heyho, this should be good for my health and reputation.
at uni at the mo the SU elections are taking place....amusing but also rather bloody annoying...'no i am not going to vote for u if you give me a lollipop and i dont even like cola bottles' - thankfully they finish today and we can all be content with the thought that we are not politically idle because we have sat at a computer for five minutes and picked a list of names (which don't mean anything to us), without regard to their manifestos but based purely on the way the candidate looks. it makes me wonder how similar this is to real life politics...i guess people do often say 'appearance is everything'. i just hope politicians in the real world don't start giving out jelly babies to enhance their political status and encourage an increase in their votes!!!
in other politically related news.....Hilary Clinton is not out of the run for democrat just yet - there is still a small chance that i could end up being right in my political predictions!!!


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