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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

well im about to release controversy....
have just purchased (along with lynne) tickets to see kelly clarkson on the same day as a DNA gig...oooer
BUT it does mean i get a mini-break in Cardiff therefore i believe it to be justified!!! hhmmm i do feel a bit bad tho (just to clarify) but i am not 'hire a fan' and have been to i think every gig so far so im being fair!!
in unrelated going home on friday!!! yay!! but i have a heck of a lot of work to do - my 'to do' list is excessively long but it does mean i can see all the lovely friends again!!! im really looking forward to it actually, even about being made to go to the zoo (daniel's random drunken idea - long story to do with the fact i don't talk to him enough (or something))
anyway, currently getting annoyed at the housemates (no suprise) and generally don't want to be here anymore. i have also been told i need to create a dissertation title over the holidays...yay. i have no idea what i want to write a dissertation on eughph..such a hardship. i also have to write to redwood lodge and get them to give me my job back for two months in the summer, which is annoying cos i am not a great fan of the job but heyho, money is money.
i think that is about all i have to report is generally lifeless - reading like a crazy reading thing (several hundred pages a day) ooo i started drinking coffee today for the first time...covering up the nasty taste with piles of sugar (im wide awake atm and my lst cup was 3 and a half hours ago, so at least it has the desired effect).
well i guess that actually is all...looking forward to the holidays with more ambition than anything else. although it does mean that my second year of uni is almost over...unnerving to say the least.
rite that will do...don't intend to bore...may watch some tv and then sleep as have to see the nurse at 9.30 (eugh why did i choose that time?)


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