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Sunday, April 06, 2008

There are very few people in the world who I get annoyed at but seriously one person inparticular at the moment is not on top of my favourites list. I actually think there is some form of hatred for this person..which is highly unlike me but heyho one must get on with it and hope that maybe she falls off the face of the earth, thank god im leaving the country.
talking about leaving the country, it is not long until i take to the skies and move across the pond (so to speak). Terrifying does not cover. I am genuinely scared that this is my last week at home before the summer and the summer for me will not be a regular holiday. in other words, this is the last week of my final regular holiday until i leave. eugh, scary stuff. i think i just want to get the leaving part over and done with as i am in anticipation as to how it will pan out.
hhmmm anyway, enough of such thoughts.
My ban on sexytime has been lifted...bloody hell, i seriously have no self-restraint. Give me a bottle or 5 of wine and im seriously anybody's sexytime participator (and when i say anybody's, well you know what i mean).
I should probably go and hop in the bath and then get dressed as it is 2pm. I shall then get on with doing more work. I will plan my essay today and write 500 words tomorrow. Eugh, its killing me here!!!
write soon!!



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