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Thursday, June 05, 2008

ebleugh ebleugh i have now finished second year..yay!!! however this means i now have to concentrate on leaving the country, which is so bloody confusing :-s i do however have a job now!!! well, sort of have a job. just a temp one for a week, however i may also end up with another job tomorrow as well, so who knows!!!
anyhoo, going out for scary pizza tonight with some of the girlies, which shalt be grand except for the scary pizza part of the outing. umm did pub quiz last watched SATC the movie on mon - absoulutely amazing defo buying it, twas fab!!!
umm what else have i went out on friday after my exams, possibly the most entertaining night i have had for a long time. we attempted a bbq in the rain, played ring of fire a lot and played a little game with a guy called Ed...was hilarious!!!
umm saturday, lynne and myself were accosted by some scary drunken men who were just generally a bit odd and Lynne made friends with the security guard!!
all in all i have realised in the past week that i still 'have it' whatever 'it' may be on the getting male attention side of life, which is always rather pleasing to know - i am finally cured from my mental block and hath returnethed to the more amusing side of life!!!
anyways must go and get dressed and go for run, have to go to the mall this afternoon with the mother to buy shoes. she had a small hissy fit yest and threw my flip flops into the garden...all very odd!!!


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