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Friday, April 18, 2008

the first friday in a long time that I haven't been out or have been doing something...
already feel the desire for a social life - and lonliness is a hard thing to ignore when people start pointing it out.
No I can't go out as there is no one to go with (granted I could have gone to Ocean with various people but I don't get invited because I tend not to talk to these people). I am waiting for a day when my course friends are free...that will be next friday afternoon...and we can sit in mooch for many an hour slowly getting a bit tipsy on cheap cider!!
that is the day I am waiting for...that is the only day I can see before I go home that I will be doing something vaguely exciting.
Something hurts just a little bit when you know you are completely and utterly alone, especially when over Easter i was with a friend almost every day (and if not a friend at least there were some family members to talk to). I hate the lonliness....people ask me how i manage to get so much work done - there is no one to distract me and nothing else for me to do.
I can't wait to go home, I can't wait to have a change of scenery..I'm hoping my American University experience will throw up a few more positive things than my northern one.
I have to keep reminding myself...four weeks of hell and it will all be over..and there was me thinking I would hoping the weeks would go slowly...
I wish I felt more secluded than isolated


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