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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

well i am now back at uni until saturday, time to revise, see vicky, go to drs and various meetings!!!
week at home was fun. randomly went to Cardiff at the weekend and took SJH dress shopping (rather amusant)! basically i did a lot of revision which was good as i am now avoiding it greatly altho am not worried about this exam which can only be a good thing :-s
went out for lunch with daniel yesterday (my mother said he looked like an estate agent in his new car..hahahaha) umm so yeh that was interesting he is now persuaing me to stay at his on is obviously going to happen im just holding out for as long as. i also told him that lynne was to be my date (this did not go down so well) but heyho what can one do!!!
anyhoo really must actuly do some form of work now and possibly put some things away, i kinda scattered everything everywhere in an attempt to get outside excessively quickly in order to catch the sun!!!!
oooo 3 months until i leave the country...oooer!!


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