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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

just thought would update on the weekend's events...went to Lynne's friday night and cooked amazing culinary delights ie cake and pizza from scratch, in preparation for Lynne's houseparty!!
houseparty happened saturday, it was amazing we had a paddling pool and played games and drank and ate and all sorts!!
(sexytime a manner of speaking...really quite a bizarre experience actually but heyho)
sunday was amazing also; waterfight, cricket, little expedition to ashto court to play other various games with the 'late crew'. lynne and i chased the sunset to clevedonia (or at least we would have done if we hadn't got lost).
all in all a lovely weekend was had by all!!!
My parents want to buy a house in WSM...strange people ummm ooo and i have a temp job til monday doing photocopying, filing etc....eughph!!
well that is all for now, just a quickie with a lowdown of the weekend as i now have to go and bbsit!!!
must be off


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