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Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Hello again.
I have just been on holiday. It was alright. We lay on the beaches a lot (when it didn't rain). On Sunday mum had a brainwave and decided that we should all go birdwatching. I wouldn't of minded so much if it hadn't been raining and windy. I mean, if I had wanted to see some birds I could have just looked out of the window in the dry. But, I guess, we had to do the whole 'family bonding' thing. Surely there must have been something more fun to do?
Oh well, it's over now but it was a very traumatic experience!
Mmmm...I still haven't learnt all my lines for this audition. I have to do it next friday. Never mind. I still have about a week but I also have to prepare it (may be taking an onion with me(it's a crying scene!)) someone has offered me there performing sevices to help me prepare but this was Ondrej.
Although I've been on holiday, I don't seem to have much to write. I could talk about the weather but I've done too much of that already. Maybe I should go and learn my lines or read all the zillions of books I have to read before I go back to school. I could go and be sociable with my family but I feel I've done enough of that already.
Oh well, the fun might start tomorrow!  


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