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Sunday, March 05, 2006

bobbing along in my own little world

have not been on here for months mmm been so long i dont no wot to write
neva mind nothing much has happened!!the exams i talked about last time have been taken and the results are out on fri aahhh not luking forward to that
ooooo im being visited by cat...hang on...had to go and stroke cat!!!
am listening to Jack Johnson tis very relaxin am doing head bobbing etc. feel the need to go out and dance mm may be going clubbing on thurs tho so thats gd wil get rid of my built up dancing energy!!!
i watched Finding NeverLand this afternoon was very sad dont rememba it being this sad last time i watched it!!!
ooo my mums just got back from riding her bike around hehe why she has decided to go bike riding today is beyond me she is a bit odd!!! anyway may go now i dnt wnt to gt back into 'long blog writing mode'
adios!!! (ooo we r going on holiday to Spain-have finally booked it after much debate on where to go who to go with etc!!!)


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