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Thursday, December 29, 2005


ooooooo i have another joke for you! This one made me laugh even more than the last one...probs because the last one was really not at all funny~!!!
Right here goes...
Why are noses not 12 inches long?.......
Because they would be a foot!!!!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! It did make me chuckle.
mmmmm....ok enough of the laughing now. I must learn to be more serious and normal.
..................well one can only try.
My mother has just got in from across the road...I think shes talking about gardening or something, probs gardening. Ooooo I have a gardening dad almost killed my brother this morning because he had taken my dads spade to ashton court to dig a hole (which i believe is probably illegal but thats not the story) and he could not be bothered to bring it home so he had 'stashed'(spellings?) it somewhere for future use. Unfortunately my father wanted to go to the infamous allotment today and so found out that the spade had gone. Which, for my brother, was quite unlucky. (he is unlucky enough to have a father who wants to go to the allotment on possibly the coldest day of the year)
so thats the story. I have another story about my mother and her new christmas telescope. But thats not really very funny and is in fact verging on the edge of being boring so I wont go into it!!!!!!
So anyway thats my life at the mo...apart from being incredibly dull i believe its not tooooo bad, as my family are providing all the entertainment i need.
oooo my bros just got home. he has not seen my father since the spade incident so i may have to go and witness the fireworks...evening entertainment at its highest~!!!
must leave you and love you..


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