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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

aaahhhh should really not be on here and should be writing an essay!!! but never mind, i am tres bored and need to do something to keep me sane...even if it is talking to myself!!!I am home I am always and am listening to Mr Blunt on my NEW radio, which is lush!!!
Christmas was cool. We had a policeman round here the other day asking about Calum (it would be about something from the Ondrej house!)
OOooooo just heard about the snow ON THE RADIO (the snow is not actually on the radio, the people on the radio are just talking about it!) why can't we get any snow? Its not even that cold! I've been mooching around my house in a t-shirt!!!How very silly!!!
I feel a need to go out somewhere. I haven't been out anywhere since last wednesday! I suppose I have been to the pub but that was quite boring although I did learn that, without my knowing, I met someone whos surname is Smythe hahahahahahaha!!!!It did make me laugh...alot!hahahahahahahahahahaha(see!)
Anyway I will be off now and will go and attempt an essay. I could wait til this is this afternoon. Thats sad!
lalalalala...i am now must do essay must do essay.
oooo i have a joke...(its a religious joke)
Jesus was hanging on the cross (as you do)
and he saw Peter in the distance so he shouted 'PETER PETER come up here a minute'
so peter walked up the hill a bit and said 'yes Lord whats up?'
and Jesus said 'no Peter come a bit closer'
so Peter walked up and over the hill and said 'yes Lord, what have you got to say?'
and Jesus said 'Peter come a bit closer, right up to me'
so Peter walked up to the bottom of the cross and said 'Yes Lord what is it?'
and Jesus said 'climb up the cross so you are right next to me'
so Peter climed up the cross so his face was level with Jesus and he said 'Yes Lord whats the matter?'
and Jesus said ' can see my house from here!'
hahahahahahahaha...haha..ha mmmmmm ok so is not great but it wasted two mins!!!
well i will leave you now
o and happy new year for nxt week!!!


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