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Thursday, November 03, 2005

i have an ondrej story for you. He came to my house today to help my mum cos of her foot. He decided to be manly and do some manly jobs for her (he took the washing upstairs).Anyway that is the only ondrej story, tis not very exciting. Halloween was fun, had to do lots of tidying the next day tho cos people were throwing sweets around but never mind am over it now. ooooo i got the part of Prince Charming for the panto and my mother got the part of an ugly sister. I told her that she wouldn't need make up for that and my dad told me i'd need plastic surgery (for the charming part(and the prince part for a matter of fact)) I did not find it amusing. Anyway i was quite disappointed i was not cast as the all singing all dancing pantomime shrub however i do have a song and several lines. It will be fun whatever!!!
Anyway am off now
will talk in future


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