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Monday, December 05, 2005

mmmm mean girls hey?! i dont think im that obsessed have only watched it several times!I wudnt want to be lindsey lohan anyway, however would be 'grool' to have a gay friend like she does! (note i am using the word 'grool' in normal conversational terms)
I have just been to asda to find 'grool' (see there it is again-seems to get everywhere!) ummm...where was i ah yes...curling things for tomorrow. unfortunately they only had curling tongs-not what i want, i want those bendy things that heat up you can get them in argos mmmm dont really fancy a trek to argos-it would not b 'grool'!!!
well im off now to discuss holidays. I'm startin to get annoyed with holidays (not so 'grool').
Well i shall see you (and love ya) soon
oooo guess what...i used the word 'grool' five times in that ( even!!!)


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