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I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

mmm im very bord and the phone ahs just rang very loudly in my ear and am now deaf as well as bord!
i had to come on here for a rant omg at work i ws made to make sum random apple thing which ws going fine i have to add despite my lack of culinary skills, anyway i had to go at 5 and it ws guna take half an hour to cook it all so that ws an impossibility from the start!!anyway i handed it ova to sumone else at 5 and said i ws going and then they had the cheek to turn around and ask me to stay gfor another half an hour cos they were a staff member short or sumthin and i was like 'you cut my hours not me' (i didnt actuly say that -would be too scared!)and i left anyway although i would have got paid more i supose anyway never mind they should have thought this through before cutting my hours!! wel thats that rant over anyway!!
o der and im listenin to mr blunt, cnt be good am in one of those moods mmm should do something happy i could go to the pub later but noones texted me to tel me about it so probs wont be going and anyway i dont really no the people who wil be there i dnt think apart from anna but then bertis going so.....anyway i dnt no how to get there or back...this is when driving would really become useful!!!
so wil probs do some homework insted. I couldnt go to sleep last night so i wrote a psychology essay at 10.30 it doesnt have to be in for a week mmmm could have done that tonight never mind could do my english coursework put really dont want to!!
well anyway...thats my rant for the day, always feels better to get such things onto a page and out of my mind!! Hopefully going clubbing on saturday so wil get rid of any built up energy and wil be able to comiserate (or celebrate) my january results!!!
wish me luck!
oooo i have some advice, plan a load of things to do and make loads of friends who will always be willing to go out cos othawise youll be bored and end up listening to Goodbye My Lover (however it can be quite a funny song!!)-that wasn't aimed at anyone!
love you allxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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