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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

ooooo a funny story

just thought id tell you a funny get over the ranting etc etc...well my dad has just had to rush to jacquis house (no complaining from his point of view) because she has a leak in her kitchen (and unfortunatly for her its not the type you eat)!her tap wil not stop running hehe and she was having a panic incase it flooded the room and then she wasnt sure whether to mess around with some red button thing and my mum told her that it would probably not be such a good idea especially as the boiler was still on!!!o der it is traumatic, so to solve the problem mum has gone to PC World-i found that a bit strange too but heyho that is middle aged adults for you-not very clever!!!o der my mother has taking up talking to seeds again (is it that time of year already?) it will not be long now before she goes all allotmenty on us again...she already came up with idea of me (yes me) going to the allotment and digging? when i finish school as i have almost a month before my exams (note to self...i must find something to occupy myself for this month...anyone fancy a road trip?)
well must be off to get in shower
adios mes amigos!!!


At 9:35 pm, Blogger Flin said...

Hello my name is collin and i peel vegetables for a living. i found your blog inspirational and now feel the need to become a plumber to help the Jackies of the world.


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