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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

im on here for another rant youl be glad to no!!! i really should be doing my psychology work but i dont really understand it cos am not very clever!!!
anyway...english teachers! he starts to go on at us about ww1 which is fine cos that is relevant for what we are donig but then he spends the whole hour lecturing us on our values and the fact that we apparently take everything for granted and dont have any views of our own and that we should all want to do military service and fight for our country!!!personnally i dont want to do military service it would be a complete waste of my time...can you really see me with a gun following orders and prancing around wearing green (a dreadful colour) and a funny hat?!no, me neither and anyway i wouldnt want to kill anyone we have a perfectly good army in GB to do that sort of thing for us and im sure no one is really planning on going to war just yet and anyway even if we did go to war we would probably all be wiped out by weapons of mass destruction or something what is the point in me doing military service? Also i have no immediate plans to save the world just yet as i am too busy worrying about my grades and what to wear if we ever go clubbing and whether i want to go to the cinema tonight!!
i do have values tho and i do appreciate the fact that many people died in ww1 fighting for what we still have now and stuff but (as they say) times change!!!no one is gonig to give a toss if a load of kids like myself do not automatically sign up if ever we are needed (which we hopefully wont be (fingers crossed)) we dont have to protect our...our...dignity or anything cos obviously everyone knows we are useless, good for nothing idiots who are possibly the least patriotic people in the world and we could not care less whether Tony Blair ran the country eco warrior from wales who wears purple and hugs trees? I mean can you blame us for being so ladida?no one believes that we are good enough, patriotic enough, responsible enough to do anything so of course we do not want to do military service-give us a gun and we will all go on rampage!!!anyway we dont get the option...bu then whos fault is that?


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