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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

omg the computer is being very very slow today!!!it could be the rain or something getting into the system!!!eugh im bored..i really have to read my book and i should be worried about the fact that i have loads to read and not much time to read it!!!i mite be going out to isis tonight as well so i will have even less time!!!
ive just taken part in a psychology experiment this afternoon...was fun!!!i had to drive in a driving simulator with an eye tracker attatched to my head..i did get paid £15 for doing it tho (easy money) and it probs helped with my driving in the long run!!
omg i have to do some work..i also have to do some more washing tonight cos even tho i did finally get round to doing wshing the other day, i only did dark clothes so atm dont have much underwear left (im sure you wanted to know that!)
hmm....i think im missing homely things such as my bedroom (even tho tis no longer mine) cat from next door, randomly singing and dancing around my house when there's no one there and possibly even allotment related things (which is weird as i do seem to spend a lot of my time complaining about the allotment and its produce!!!)
well...i must get back to reading, tho have started listening to music now and i can't read and listen at the same time (multi tasking is not one of my strong points!)
.......i need to do something that im used to (i no that sounds weird) i feel like i've just been on holiday for a few weeks and now it's time to go home but i know i can't go home and eugh i dunno!!!
right i must READ!!!
i shalt write again soon...i seem to have got into writing again (which is nice)


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