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Saturday, November 04, 2006

well im at home and have been since thursday!!unfortunatly i have to go allll the way back tomoro but i am getting a lift so it isnt too bad!!!
its very odd being at home, i feel as though ive never left and its even weirder that i have to go back tomoro and im kinda goin back to 'reality'...very strange!!!
anyway, ive learnt a lot since being at home!!! firstly, someone i knew when i was very little is getting married to a 34 year old. they both do wrestling (all very perculiar) and shes only 18. secondly THE ALLOTMENT IS NO MORE. am almost sad (which is odd) but im sure i will get over the summer activity of going to water the allotment produce. thirdly...calum has been cleared of one account of GBH but is goin to crown court at the end of nov and if found guilty he could be facing 5 years in jail!!!o dear. his reaction to this was not o im very sorry for what i did (etc etc) but can i borrow your weightlifting machine so that if i do go to jail i wont b picked on!!!
anyway, thursday night i went to Oceana which was amazing!!! and yest i went to the cinema to see The Departed which i have to say was fairly disgusting and three hours long. mum bought me a coat, a suitcase, some paper and loads of other things yest to take back to uni with me. she has also done my washing which is fab!!!
well anyhoo, i must go as am going on a drive this afto and have to read moby dick by tuesday...and am only on page 100!!o dear.
o well, only about 450 more to go!!
lots of love...
ooooo fireworks tonite, how very exciting!


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