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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

woo jess is going out tonight!!
currently not liking the housemates (nothing changes). someone has let mould grow in on of my glasses, which is disgusting and I am not touching it at all. if it is still there tomorrow i will be even furthur from impressed. they are also planning their friday night out with neil and i think are ordering some food based thing currently. i have not been invited to either of these events. but never mind, i may have to treck it to town on sat morn and im trying to get mass work done so then have a few weekends to spare!!!
can't wait til next week when finally my social life will emerge from the darkness and my rebellious side will be making it's way up the M42 etc to nottingham along with the lovely friendlies who i actually get along with.
always nice to feel appreciated!!


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