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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

it does not take five hours (yes, five hours) to get a train from bristol to nottingham. that has been the most unconstructive day i have had for a long time (since sunday) and that is saying something.
i am currently slightly concerned about my exam tomoro as i have suddenly realised that my knowledge of...well, anything, does not stretch very far. it is at times like these when i think about the sorts of things that i may want to do with my life when i leave university. at the moment they are things that do not require any form of degree or a job that involves mass concentration because i am really not the sort of person who could cope with that!!!
i am overly tired and am going to set my wonderful alarm for 8am so that there is some hope i may get up and revise before my exam (which is at 1.30) oooo i need to check out my seat number....umm where was i, o yes exam tomorrow and revising. eugh just one more day and they are all over until june. thank the lord for that and i can watch tv and films and do tidying up etc until i scream with ecstacy (not in any sexual way (at all)) and pleasure in the fact i have nothing to do for several days.
i wish those several days started now.


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