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Friday, January 18, 2008

A train to the sky was all he wanted as he sat under the burning sun, the red light falling on his precious face. Dreaming of something he didn’t understand, or couldn’t comprehend. A life removed from pain and hurt and anger, full of hope and love. A train to the sky, filled with smiles and flowers rather than the desolate earth he was sat on. The cracked and broken, sandy earth where nothing grew and water failed to reach. A place where people move so quickly and lights sparkle with dazzling colours, where songs fill the air and clouds float with the people. His dark eyes watched as the sun rose in the vast emptiness of the sky. A lonesome cloud danced across the blue, without pity for his vacant eyes and hidden expression.
The same sky fills the air above New York a similar cloud twists and turns, mocking those who live below it. She watches it with and dreams of a train to the sky. A place where time stands still and people still care for others.A one way ticket on the train to the sky-there is no one destination, the sky is what you make it and the world can give you everything.

and that's all i wanted to say


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