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Saturday, January 26, 2008

haven't written for a while and i suppose a few events have occured. i went out last night with two people on my course. we only went to the pub but it was rather entertaining. we drank a considerable amount of wine and cider and ended up playing pool. unfortunatly the pool table was situated highly inconviniently next to a dart board where a group of guys were playing darts. this prooved to be a bit of an issue as we often got in the way. thankfully i dont think i made too much of an idiot of myself as i actually potted three balls in a row-amazing i know!!! well we talked to these guys for a bit and ended up in a bit of an argument about the north/south divide-issues. i then went back to my friend Sarah's house to play guitar hero on PS2 which was rather comical as i have discovered i have very limited rhythmic knowledge :-s
i then discovered i had lost my gloves-highly highly bad as have lost loads of gloves recently. my father told me today he is going to get me one of those string things that goes through your coat so that in future i will be less likely to lose them!!!
i then came home and was tlking to SJH and Lynne via text until daniel phoned me. i then had a extensive convo with him which revolved around 'me and him'. he told me he is going to buy a two-bed house which he then went on to say he wanted to live in with me...interesting...and apparently he has changed his tune about going out with other women and actually said he wanted to get back together with me after america. but worry not, i am not taking any of this majorly seriously as he had been drinking, as had I. anyway this convo went on for ages, until mark decided he needed to go to the toilet (which was where dan was hiding). later on however i then started receiving texts of a mildly sexual nature which then evolved into 'naked' picture messages however i then turned the sound off my phone as it is v v loud and unfortunately fell asleep :-s i woke up at 7am with two missed calls and and two texts-all from daniel.
well the slight sexual tone of the messages continued then for about half an hour until i fell asleep again.
they have also worked there way into a bit of a text convo i have had with him this afternoon:-s
he still wants to take me out for lunch when he comes up here for vicky's bday and he has also suggested he sleeps in my bed but we will obv have to wait and see what happens on all accounts.
eugh i hate the fact he knows how to mess with my head and with many of the things he says i wish i could honestly believe him but i don't think i should for fear of being hurt which is something i don't want happening again. so all in all, am still not over him - gay and gay.
well in other news, Lynne is leaving the country atm, which is majorly upsetting cos i now have no one to talk to on msn about such life problems and other exciting things like cows etc!!!
anyhoo i must really get back to doing a bit of work now-have mass things to read!!!


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