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Sunday, January 20, 2008

i have been back at uni for four days. i don't want to be here. last night was ok-went to Mooch, had a couple of drinks, met up with James and Vix and ate Chinese but all this only emphasises the fact that i am not at home but hey, if i was at home this would mean getting a job, not getting drunk, not having hours and hours of spare time but then, to be honest, i am getting bored of my free time. and i know i shouldn't wish it away because the more i wish it away the more it will come back to haunt me and when i have piles of work to do i will wish i had more of it. i think what i want is free time at home, not here.
im currently listening to a CD which reminds me of christmas-which was amazing-and i guess it makes me a little sad to think that that is one more christmas over and next year...well, who knows where i'll be!!! i guess i should listen to it with a smile on my face as christmas was good, very good after the initial oceana disaster!!
i love the fact my blog focuses around home events....i need to stop this as am currently not at home!!! hmmmm uni related things...
there is so little to say except neil and kelly have decided to go on holiday this weekend to 'somewhere hot'-maybe i should suggest a steamroom (actuly an hour in our bath should do the trick, with the radiator on-i boiled to death earlier on)-they are clearly trying to be reckless, i have prooved to be not quite so exciting and have opted out of this for a week of lectures and seminars....where is my rebellious side?? i believe i left that well and truely in the capable hands of my 'home friends'....and in saying that i think i have found the solution to the rather one sided topic of my blogs!!!
home and uni; uni and home...i know where i would rather be and i know where i belong and believe me, no matter where i end up in the world something will always entice me back to me 'rebellious' side!!!


At 10:52 pm, Blogger LP said...

A steam room... wouldn't that be steamy rather than hot?!


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