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Monday, February 18, 2008

bored...very. how many more days can one take without going completely insane and jumping out of a window??
i have now been at home for a week and i think the confined spaces and restricted movement is starting to get to me.
at least i had a day without my family today - they went on a trip out with Keira!!
-interesting. she is now here (again) and probably staying the night (again), at the moment there are a few conspicuous noises coming from the brother's room - may have to put some music on.
hhmmm what can one do?? i could read a book, or learn something useful or even write something but currently i am without muse or effort.
am currently talking to my friend Sarah who has informed me that our friend Gemma saw our previous canadian lecturer hugging some other women. Gemma is now under the impression that they are an 'item'. i am not inclined to jump to such rash conclusions but this would amuse me no end. although maybe we are just unaware of the Canadian culture. maybe it is similar to eskimo nose rubbing or something. Canada is a rather chilly country - maybe they hug more in order to keep warm. these accusations (after all) are coming from citizens of a country whose only level of affection is shaking hands. we are a people of stiff upper lips (however painful that may sound). i also think we are generally highly prone to criticising others. this is not always a bad thing i guess (when it is funny) but hugging someone..??? i obviously wasn't there so will not assume the worst. but then what would be 'the worst'? so what if she is lesbian/bi/ whatever...this is the 21st century and i think maybe watching a canadian lady hug someone is not quite so scandalous as it has been made to believe. however, what's a little rumour now and then between friends...i am always one up for a bit of controversy now and then. i personally quite like to get out my long handled spoon and do a bit of distant stirring up if the mood so takes me!!


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