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Friday, February 15, 2008

a little poem during my moment of creativity:
Keeping you close, your hands taking mine
Holding on tightly, to uncertain time.
Dancing through streams of transparent sun
Time slowing down as we try to run.

My feet falling down, your hands touch my cheeks
You pick me back up, my legs feel weak
And two thousand angels take up their seats,
Up by the sunbeams beside heaven’s gates.

Watching your back, pulling my arm
My legs falling over, your clothes getting torn,
Angel’s commanding the length of the day
You drag me along and we run; run away.

Time is our chaser, the angels; our fate
And slowly but surely they open the gate.
Your eyes glazing over, you search deep inside
To where my heart’s beating – our two souls collide.

We are one of the same, and as seconds fade
My cheek bones turn salty, as tears are made.
My muscles are breaking, you’re shouting my name
We must run forever, we’re one of the same.

I fall to the floor, there’s blood on my palms
You’re screaming, I’m crying as you take my arms
You must keep on running; our arms are entwined
Your lips touch my head; your heart takes my mind.

The angels are falling; you pick yourself up
And onwards you run toward ungoverned luck.
I watch you for always as time tracks you down
You’re part of forever; the noise of you’re sound

I can’t outrun time, I can’t be alone
I need you to hold me, to take me back home.
But you ran to nowhere, to where I can’t be,
A place where the angel’s will never take me.

But deep in my dreams, while I wait at the gates,
I hope that your legs will outrun your fate.
The palm of your hand still rests on my face
And somewhere inside, your heart I can trace.

I watch you forever; you run through my dreams
Catching the red of those transparent beams
And hope that some day these angels will see
And make, for one day, time end just for me.

hope it is not too ridiculous/sentimental/weird!!


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