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Thursday, February 14, 2008

well that has been an eventful few days!!
i am currently at home after being in hospital since tuesday :-(
my parents came to get me from Notts on Monday eve as i couldn't move and i went to the Drx on tuesday morn and they then referred me to the BRI. while i was waiting in the BRI for 5 hours to be seen i needed a drug top up as was in pain (with an absess) and they gave me a drug called codine, which i then found out i was allergic to. after reacting to that for a while and subsequently collapsing on the floor, they put me in a bed and started giving me large quantities of morphine (lovely). i then stayed in overnight (being put on drips and all sorts) i eventually had an operation to remove it on wednesday afternoon!!!
it is now thursday. i am at home, have been to asda and my father has confused Adele with the Spice Girls so i do believe things are starting to return to normalacy.
however, i do not want to be operated on again (a terrifying experience, during which i cried like a baby and then fell asleep whilst trying to think of 'nice things', that turned out to be listening to crap music and drinking strongbow with the people i love), i also now have mass bruises on my arms where they tried to insert needles into my veins and failed as i have crap veins. my blood pressure went from normal to high (during reaction) to an abnormal low after op and they thought they would have to put me back on oxygen...
all in all its been an eventful week and i desperately want to go back to uni next week however have just read through a letter and it says my dressing may need changing daily for up to two weeks....i hope my skin heals excessively quickly!!!!
well that is all!!
last weekend seems like a year ago. friday was really good fun, had drinks then went to vicky's to drink more and play mass twister..the majority of photos on my camera atm are of peoplse's bums...sexual stuff!!!
right best be off...need a drink!!!


At 11:42 am, Blogger LP said...

Im sorry the phrase 'listen to crap music' has cracked me up!!! OO how I am chuckling ALOT!
I am glad your fathers musical knowledge on the other hand is as reliable as ever!!


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