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Friday, February 08, 2008

well it is friday night, people have made their way/making their way northwards. im sat waiting for life to occur so that i can have predrinks (which i have actually started) before trecking it over to vicky's so that the party can really start!!!
hhhmm currently bored and ready to rock and roll despite injury to my tailbone which won't go away however lynne shat pos be taking me to the hospital tomoro depending on how it feels then!!
hhmm may need another drink think am guna be on one tonight, mainly to kill the pain!! have drunk my second strongbow of the day in half an hour which is rather bad considering the amount i could be potentially drinking at vickys :-s
i could pos go downstairs and watch tv, might be a plan!!!
dont think SJH and Dan will be here until half past (it has takenn them, so far, 4 and a half hours, which is stupid as it takes my father 2 and half!!) they r silly!!
eugh right one is rambling and one does not want ppl to think that one is tipsy as one has only had one im guna get to vickys in the state i could easily be in is beyond me!!
adios...hope i live to write again (or whatever!!) !!!


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