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Monday, October 13, 2008

how can someone be so rude?
it is not necessary to to turn the light on when you get home at 1am...i never do that. it is also not necessary to then turn the aircon on full. i thought we had reached a compromise evidently i was mistaken...why is it that i am unable to stand my ground. im going to blame it on my parents inability to bring me up with a bit of gumption about my person.
however, it is not their fault. it is her fault for being a rude and obnoxious mentalist who doesn't understand how to act like a normal person. how is it that i have managed to end up with the one american in the whole world who doesnt seem to care about other people? it just completely destroys my argument from the other day regarding my want for miserable people.

....i have come to the conclusion that being from England and growing up in its depressive culture, i am never going to be happy with anything. i really need to stop complaining about life and get a grip....i am forgetting that in reality life is never easy. there is a reason behind this experience. however, at the moment the only reason i can see is to increase my hatred towards the culture of the american people. i guess they were all outcasts at the beginning of the american time...they have just never grown out of this mentality!


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