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I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

i have cried. i cried after talking to dan. i think i must realise that after all this time, maybe i do love him, maybe this is what i just need to accept. as hard as i try i can't get over him, and i know ive been waiting to for such a long time, maybe this is the time i need to just accept that is not going to happen.
I love him. end of story.

in other news i have discovered the power of the gym to let off some steam...and there is a lot of steam to let off since i am currently spending a fair amount of time rather bored, and because of this, a fair amount of time missing certain aspects of home life. but i am embracing this experience, and i love every moment of it immensly and despite it seeming a bit gay atm everything gets better!!!



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