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Friday, August 29, 2008

well it was the father's birthday today, so had to speak to the whoooole family on skype!!
I have just been doing some reading...i am back into the tedious role of working life, it sucks a lot.
I can see myself going through a rubbish period of keeping a blog as i am writing a real life diary while im here and so far so good!

there is a hurricane on the way. Hurricane Gustav in fact. Not scared, currently rather excited about the whole experience as have never witnessed a earthquake maybe, but not a hurricane!! it is pretty much a direct hit on New Orleans...oooer!!!

in other news, I am 'going out' with Dan again. I use inverted commas as I will not be actually going anywhere with him for quite some time yet, but i do think part of me feels much better knowing that i mean that much to someone despite being 5oo million miles away!

anyway, me being me has written a poem...

listen to the flowing water
falling over sandy stone
the skies above, a peaceful wonder
a thousand miles away from home.

cloudless sunshine beaming over
meadows of the greenest sea
yellow streams which burn the stillness
distant dreamers breaking free

wander through the misty skyline
watching heatwaves pass me by
living in a world of strangers
seeing from determined eyes

and while home waits across the water
nothing there will ever change
i wonder how a place like this one
can look so normal; act so strange

well that is about all for now! speak soon!



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