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Sunday, August 17, 2008

well i'm here!!! in the land of the jungle...!! very hot and steamy most of the time but currently without many americans!!!
am yet to really feel sad, i suppose i have generally been doing things a lot so haven't had too much time to think about home but still i am suprised at myself.
i do miss home a little tho but have decided to make the most of everyday and do things that i want to do and make friends with people i want to be friends with etc!!! cant wait until the american people get here...they are all so overly nice about the fact that i am english!!!
have made friends with some english people atm, most of them are not like me but i do intend to branch out when the place fills up a bit!!!
the time atm is going rather slowly so im hoping it will speed up a bit so that the days dont feel like they are dragging. i dont like dragging as it gives me more of a chance to think about home. i think keeping busy is the key to this experience!!

may as well stick to a habit of a lifetime...daniel, before i left decided to seriously, sobrely, emotionally say 'i love you' - properly meaning it and leaving me wondering what it would be like if i was still in the country. so maybe i have been a bit down recently, only out of curiosity - wondering if anything will ever happen again. but then strangely enough this all made it easier to leave...maybe ive just always been after something definite..some kind of acceptance...maybe i talk crap...



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