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Saturday, September 27, 2008

well I am 21!!!
feel exactly the same, and drinking suddenly doesnt seem as much fun as it is now legal!!
unfortunately my next big birthday will be 30....that is a highly depressing thought especially considering by that age i want to be married and have had a child!
i learnt yesterday of a new LA government iniciative: paying $1000 to poor women to be voluntarily sterilised. Now in Louisiana the majority of poor women are black, so is was we see a form of race control? and even if it is not race control then a form of class control? or is it that the patriarchal system in which we live in is so concerned about women's 'progress' in society that they feel the need for some other form of gender control?
basically i feel it is a ridiculous idea. and these ideas will never change within the american system purely because american politicians are all 'white' middle class republicans...even Barack Obama can be placed under this description, the only difference with him is that he is a little more open to new ideas. this may be a 'new' idea but it is so based under old views and stereotypes. nothing here will ever change, the world continuously travels backwards, it just appears to be changing, it changes but to a different form of social control, we will always be controlled. we will never be happy, if we were happy then there would be nothing for humanity to exist for.


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