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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

just a quick little message before I go to legs bums and tums (which according to a more magazine,  which i was reading the other day, is a bad place to go if I am on a bit of a man hunting mission...I should instead be joining kick boxing classes and other such manly pastimes). There was a hot man in the gym yesterday..must just add this in, and according to Lynne, there is also a hot man who runs the streets of Clevedon in the evenings (I am now on man watch).
Anyway, while we are on the 'man' subject, which to be honest, we are always on...I tried sexual activity take 3 with C. Not quite as weird as before, still not exactly mind blowing and a little tedious, I mean it might just be me who gets bored quickly...but break through of the moment...he gets shy, or at least that is what he said. Well, I told him to not be so ridiculous and then he told me he might 'like me a little', which I responded to with a 'that's nice'. I am seriously not after any sort of commitment! And on the subject of my lack of commitment, there is growing potential for myself to go on yet another date with someone new, whom we will call L. I think I am getting quite good at this dating thing, however it seems that I am not so good at finding someone who I actually really like, but I am at least grabbing opportunities with both hands (oh my), and putting myself out there and hopefully will be swooped up like a pair of Take That tickets on ebay, or something like that.


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